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MR/CT-Atlas der Anatomie
9783131299918, Küper: MR/CT Atlas of Anatomy, 80.04 EUR, Anatomie-CD`s, Anatomie, Modell
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Art-Nr. 9783131299918
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Küper Klaus. Verlag: Thieme, Thieme. ISBN-13: 9783131299918. Kurzbeschreibung: A comprehensive digital sectional imaging library. Digital sectional imaging anatomy shown in more than 3,000 MRI and CT scans, with over 150,000 individually labeled anatomic structures A thorough understanding of normal sectional anatomy is an absolute necessity for correctly performing CT and MRI examinations and interpreting the results. This CD-ROM atlas, covering the whole body and head and neck anatomy in MRI and CT scans, provides all the anatomic information you need to acquire confidence in the evaluation of sectional anatomy. Features of this atlas: Comprehensive coverage of the entire body with 3,000 CT and MRI scans, left and right as well as male and female. More than 150,000 individually labeled anatomic structures, which can be followed over sequential scans. Highly intuitive, interactive mouse-driven operation. Four modes of access to the information: clicking on structures, through anatomic terms, through search, and by means of following. 3D structures. Seven languages on one CD: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese (Brazilian and European). ...and perfect for learning - a quiz function: Here you are given the name of a structure, and can click on it, or, a structure is shown and you type in its name. You'll be surprised how soon you feel at home in the world of sectional anatomy! PC and Macintosh compatible Systemvoraussetzungen: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Macintosh.

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