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A229, Steckschädel, 18-tlg., einfarbig Snap Skull White, 18 Parts
Snap Skull White, 18 Parts
Snap Skull White, 18 Parts
A229, Snap Skull White, 18 Parts, 220.17 EUR, Skull, Anatomie, Modell
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No. A229
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Cast from a selected natural bone skull with all fine anatomical details the clip skull of Ruediger Anatomie is not a simple plastic piece but a filigrane and high complicated object. Every single part is casted from a natural human bone. From the technical production side every single bone is an enormous challenge, because the skull shows a variety of undercuts, details, structures and projections. The structure and details of every part of the skull almost remains 100%. The skull is unbreakable in normal use and dissectable into 18 parts. Complete dentition of 31 individual teeth with full roots. You may pull teeth of maxillae and mandible for individual demonstration and place them back into the socket. The snap skull includes the 18 following parts: 1. Base of skull: Os sphenoidale (1 part, sphenoid bone), Os temporale (3 parts, temporal bone, one side of the temporal bone is opened into two parts to show the inner ear), Os occipitale (1 part, occipital bone). 2. Top of skull: Os frontale (1 part, frontal bone) and Os parietale (2 parts, parietal bone). 3. Face of skull: Os ethmoidale (1 part, ethmoid bone), Septum nasi osseum (1 part, vomer/perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone), Os nasale (1 part, nasal bone), Maxillae (2 parts, maxillae with 11 single teeth), Mandibula (1 part, mandible with 12 single teeth), Conchae nasales inferiores (2 parts, inferior nasal concha), Os zygomaticum (2 parts, zygomatic bone).

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