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1005597,W44021,LF4001,GERI Altenpflegepuppe 1005597,W44021,LF4001,GERI geriatric care doll
1005597,W44021,LF4001,GERI geriatric care doll
GERI geriatric care doll
W44021, LF4001, 1005597, GERI geriatric care doll, 2403.80 EUR, Nursing Adults, Anatomie, Modell
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With this special model, geriatric training acquires particularly high esteem. It presents itself as the ideal aid to teachers of geriatric care, who can practise all the relevant measures realistically using this model. The outer aspect of this special care doll is an impressive imitation of the appearance of an elderly person. Lesions specifically reproduced on the body, such as, for example, liver spots (normal and pathological), skin inflammation under the female breast and a pressure sore complete the appearance and further increase the didactic value of the model.
The following care measures can be practised:
- Male and female bladder catheterisation
- Prostatic examination (stage B)
- Stoma care (ileostomy and colostomy)
- Tracheostomy care (rinsing and aspiration)
- Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastroscopy PEG care
- Changing dentures (upper and lower mandible)
- Administration of drugs to the eye
- Body care, hair care, positioning methods
- Enema care (female), oral and nasal douches
- I.m. injection (4 injection sites), oral hygiene
- Syringing of the ears, insertion of hearing aids
- Bandages on fingers and toes (mobile and individually shaped)
- Care of lesions, bandaging practice, pressure sore care

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