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Human Skeleton with Muscles
A200.1, Human Skeleton with Muscles, 543.38 EUR, Skeleton, Anatomie, Modell
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Original Rüdiger-Anatomie-Skeleton, made in Berlin, Germany.

The bones of one side are accurately painted in red for the muscle-origins and in blue for the muscle-insertions. The muscles are numbered for easy identification and a key is supplied with all the muscle-names.

Incredible anatomical detail! This is the perfect reproduction of a human skeleton cast directly from specially selected natural human skeleton to insure finest details of bony surface. Manufactured at "Rüdiger-Anatomie" in Berlin, made of highest quality extremely durable material which does not deteriorate with age and which is unbreakable in normal use. The casting-moulds are formed from original bones under highest possible German quality-standards. The models stay in the moulds a very long time after extruding to ensure the acuracy of the details on the surface. You will find it hard to distinguish our plastic skeleton from a real bone skeleton. Wherever possible there is natural movement in the joints. Special U-brackets allow to slide arm and leg inside joints - just like real. For easy transportation or individual demonstration you may take off the arms, legs and skull. The mandible can be taken off and the skull is further dissectable. Mandible and maxilla with removable teeth. With hyoid bone. The whole skeleton is appr. 180 cm or 6 feet tall (incl. stand), weight about 10 kg. Our skeleton comes complete with a 5-legs safety-stand with casters and dustcover. Our skeleton is a must for anatomv and biology-classes, for your personal studies, for the patient education and general health-education.

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